About Xandra

Boutique Xandra

​ Xandra's father was a casualty of the Vietnam war. He died a slow and painful death of Agent Orange poisoning when she was sixteen. At eighteen, she joined the ranks of Vietnam veteran's in Washington D.C. as an activist and they took it upon themselves to stand in as fathers to her. You'll often hear her say she was raised by a pack of Vietnam vets, (among whom is Adrian Cronauer, Good Morning Vietnam.)  She fought for Vietnam veteran rights as POW Representative to Gov. Norman Bangerther in Utah and National Chairperson of Campaign for Freedom, becoming the first female recipient of the AMVETS Certificate of Merit (in Utah). They taught her to protect herself and to fight for others. The decades passed and while she remained active as an activist for veterans, she achieved notoriety in the field of Sales Management, which earned her a page in the 1994 Who's Who Among Female Executives. But, eventually, she would be forced to summon that warrior spirit and fight the fight of her life, to save her own life against a debilitating disease,  Generalized Dystonia. 

To win this horrific battle, she had to lose everything including her business and her family. At it's worst, the battle left her in a hospital bed in her own home. She was imprisoned in a twisted body jerking and contorting with eyes frozen to a spot on the wall, fully aware of her state but powerless to move or even speak, sometimes for more than a day. Her condition became so severe that she was forced to send her eleven year old daughter to live with her father because she just couldn't take care of her anymore. To date, it remains the worst day of her life. But, she made her little girl a promise that she would never, ever, ever stop fighting. On good days, she was able to string together a few beads and create pretty trinkets to sell and survive. She named the business for her daughter, Alexandra and called it Boutique Xandra. The years ticked by slowly but she never gave up. Except for the company of her animal companions, a wolf hybrid named Tlahda, a ball python named Argus and a tarantula named Flower, she was completely alone. She lived hundreds of miles from her family and was unwilling to burden them with how bad her condition had become but she fought to hang on to her dignity and her love of life. Ultimately, it took the creative spirit of one doctor who attempted an unconventional treatment for her rare condition. His ingenious endeavor not only gave her back the use of her left side, but restored her entire life. Within days of the new treatment, she returned to the world of the living. Now on the other side of the battle, in full victory, she lives each moment of her life in gratitude and with an unwavering gusto for adventure. She took up the crusade of Environmentalism to keep her promise to her little girl, Lexi, (while attending Grier boarding school, she went by Alex.) It is for this reason she chose as her super-hero name "Xandra," and lives her life with unwavering determination to save the world for her children.

Xandra’s defining characteristics are her magnetic personality and her unselfish ability to bring out the best in people. There are seven billion of us wandering the earth searching for purpose. She has given herself the mandate to bring us together, person by person, people to people, as one indomitable force to save the ground we inhabit as human beings. She’s a superhero because that’s what superheroes do; they save the world.

Xandra doesn't wear a cape, but what you will see her wearing is:

Her bindi: This symbolizes her participation in the East/West dialogue and her efforts to build a bridge of Humanity over governments and invisible borders for a shared planet.

Her Tribal Necklace: Xandra's Art is her chosen ice breaker, the conversation piece to talk about the state of our planet. They are her own designs and the center piece always represents the Sacred Feminine, as she considers Earth our Sacred Mother.

Her Arm Band: Xandra is a Warrior. The Tribal Arm Band she wears is a symbol of her rank of honor among the army of brave and devoted warriors who like her, fight every day to save the world.

Everything she does has meaning and purpose. We have no choice but to follow this amazing creature on her journey. If we do not take heed and affect changes in the way we consumption-crazed humans live our lives, the world and all that we love will perish with our children.

Paul Hollis, Bestselling Author The Hollow Man Series