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Who else would the Mad Irish Amazon trust with her Earthling Pod but a kinsman and the best Green Builder in the world, at that! Mr. O'Neill is an unrestricted Licenced Builder and served his 5 year apprenticeship in Ireland as a Plumbe /Pipe Fitter on some of the biggest building projects in the EU at the time. In all he has been in the building business since he was 17 years old. Owned and Operated by his own Company in the USA  for over 30 years. 

Paul Hollis Author

Because Networking, Collaboration and Hand-to-Hand business are XANDRA'S SOLUTIONS to balance the impact of environmental and economic destruction Xandra supports Indie Artists and Global Entrepreneurs. With 30 years of experience in Business and Sales Management, including a listing in the 1994 Who's Who Among Female Executives, Xandra has donated hundreds of hours to help facilitate this new one-on-one business model. 

But as an Environmentalist, she heard the call to step out of the woods and walk the walk. She now works full time to help one phenomenal Change Maker (and one fantastic novelist,) do just that...Make Changes that will ultimately save our world and our species.

Paul Hollis, Bestselling author,