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When Xandra was a little girl in a small town in California, her fifth grade teacher appointed her "Conservation Monitor," and taught her what that meant. She took the role seriously, because here she is...a few years later, still trying to pass the message on: We are running out of Resources and our Pale Blue Dot is in trouble.

Xandra is an Endangered Earthling. She is an environmental evangelist focused on the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants through awareness, education, and activism. The new social media is her platform and her causes are environmental solutions, including renewable energy sources (#HydrogenBaby,) production of cellular meat (#CleanMeatBaby,) reducing species extinction (#EndangeredEarthlings,) and eliminating dead zones in our oceans.


Xandra BoutiqueXandra

As an environmentalist, Xandra sees that when solutions are applied to the planet’s problems, the resulting effects will weigh heavily on the human experience. It’s not just about climate change anymore. We humans are the climate about to be changed. When the SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) kick in and humans begin the withdrawal process from our oil addiction, World Bank projects that by the year 2030, 100 million more people will fall into abject poverty. Poverty will become commonplace as the world economy plummets and undetermined numbers of lives will be lost. Consequently, Networking, Collaboration and Hand-to-Hand business is XANDRA'S SOLUTION to mitigate the resulting damage. It is for this reason that Xandra supports Indie Artists and Global Entrepreneurs. Every day, she donates two hours of her resources as a specialist in public relations and social media influence to help facilitate this new one-on-one business model. 

Just some of the many one-on-one businesses she supports: