Women of the World

Boutique Xandra

"I periodically waste time being disappointed and frustrated with the women around me. It seems they get all tangled up in competition, jealousy and fear. And then I remind myself what it took to reach this stage in life...to survive the obstacles. In order for the human race to evolve, daughters must become better than their mothers. This demands that every mother suffer an element of defeat and challenges every daughter to become better than her vessel. It all comes out even in then end.

More than any race of human beings, women have been subjected to the greatest abuses, injustices and indignities. Men carry a soul crushing weapon on their bodies and women, the most vulnerable weakness, by design. So, watch them when it counts. If a man strikes a woman in a crowd of women, (friends or strangers;) the cultural, religious and political lines disappear. Women stand as one, shoulders back, fists drawn and compassion their foothold. Our awareness has moved beyond the Socratic ideal of Citizens of the World...we are Women of the World."​